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Health tourism in Iran

Health Development Company Safiran Salamat Kavir is a medical tourism facilitation company that has been fully professional in the field of medical tourism for many years and offers the best service to patients and foreign tourists.
The company has a strong, committed and professional team and also has the best medical teams and specialist doctors specializing in providing medical tourism services of the best quality, as well as the most suitable medical treatment rates and competitive with other countries and active companies. Is ready to provide services to all foreign patients.
“To render patient safety, high quality and world class medical tourism services, assist in planning and implementing tour packages, develop and promote innovative procedures and advanced technologies that strictly adhere to safety standards, laws and regulations as well as ethical codes with the most reasonable value.”

Although historical attractions almost come to our mind when we talk about Iran, health care services in Iran are developed through recent decades and attract many international patients coming to use medical services in Iran as it is considered one of the best modern destinations in this point. The country has about 190

Full handling and support in the shortest time

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Kavir Health Ambassadors Patrol Treatment Facilitation Company with brilliant experience

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تماس بگیرید: 00989137946036

ما در هر مکانی که می خواهید 24/7 در دسترس هستیم

الزامات بیمارراهنمای مرحله به مرحله بیمار

راهنمای مرحله به مرحله ی مسافرت پزشکی از  کشورهای بازار هدف تسهیلگران گردشگری سلامت


سناریو خدمات شرکتحقوق بیمار

منشور حقوق بيمار

بر اساس منشور حقوق بیمار
1- دريافت مطلوب خدمات سلامت حق بيمار است.

2-  اطلاعات بايد به نحو مطلوب و به ميزان كافي در اختيار بيمار قرار گيرد.

3-  حق انتخاب و تصميم‌گيري آزادانه بيمار در دريافت خدمات سلامت بايد محترم شمرده شود.

4-  ارائه خدمات سلامت بايد مبتني بر احترام به حريم خصوصي بيمار(حق خلوت) و رعايت اصل رازداري باشد.

5- دسترسي به نظام كارآمد رسيدگي به شكايات حق بيمار است.

Experienced doctors in any specialty

Consultation with the team of health ambassadors

Health centers

IPD licensed

We introduce to you only the centers that have licenses for hospitalization and admission of international patients from the Ministry of Health.

Comments of patients and clients

Our goal is your complete health and recovery

John Carter
Merchant and Merchant

“My experience in the hospitals introduced was of excellent medical standards. The doctors, nurses and staff successfully removed (my illness) with incredible care and compassion. Their focus on ensuring my well-being was exceptional.”

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