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About Kavir Health Ambassadors Patrol Treatment Company _ Kavir Health Ambassadors Patrol Treatment Company under Yazdmedtour brand is a special joint stock company that operates in the field of medical tourism. And it is proud that with the best and strongest medical team and rugged surgeons in the name of the province and professors of Yazd University of Medical Sciences and Tourism in Yazd and other provinces in the field of health tourism. Kavir Health Ambassadors Tourism and Medical Institute has concluded contracts with specialized and sub-specialized hospitals (public / private / charitable) in Yazd, Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kermanshah, Abadan and other provinces to provide various medical and health fields. In particular, all general and advanced surgeries should be provided with the services of specialized and sub-specialized physicians, in addition to special hospital facilities, as well as VIP buses and ambulances equipped with a physician to transfer patients and perform all surgeries performed by Subspecialty physicians are among the capabilities of the Medical Tourism Institute. Also, in order to provide health services, by concluding a memorandum of understanding with tourism companies and institutions and tour leaders, it has been noted that patients should be sent to cities with healthy climates after surgery or recovery to be able to Take this course calmly and return to your city and country after recovering completely healthy. In order to accommodate the patient’s companions, an agreement has been reached with well-equipped hotels and fully furnished residential properties so that the patient’s companions can calmly accompany and accompany the patient during the treatment process. Also, if the patient’s companions want to visit holy places or travel to the historical cities of Iran, there are the necessary facilities for their dispatch and accommodation. For the patients’s companions, beauty and outpatient treatment packages have been seen that by consulting and introducing all these treatment cases to the patient’s companions, they can get the best medical, beauty and tourist benefits from their time in Iran.