Iran as a Top Medical Destination

International travels with healthcare purposes have been increased through the world since the
last decade and many people travel to access medical services. As each destination has a
reputation for the treatment in one or more medical area(s), Iran mainly is known as the home
of cosmetic surgery, and the rhinoplasty capital worldwide as the most popular surgery is
rhinoplasty, not only in the Middle East but in the world and many people from all around the
world have traveled to Iran to benefit cosmetic services. The statistics published by the Iranian
Ministry of Health says that more than 500 thousands of international patients had received
medical services in Iran through the last year.

Why Cosmetic surgery in Iran?

Iran enjoys many well-experienced specialists and plastic surgeons as a lot of Iranian people
have increasingly been willing to do cosmetic surgeries to enhance their look during recent
years. The growing demand for cosmetic surgeries leads to well-equipped healthcare centers
with up-to-date facilities offering high quality services. In addition to the presence of welleducated specialists and surgeons using the most advanced technology available, low cost
treatment also is considered the other important factor encouraging people for traveling Iran.
As Iranian currency has increased its value against Dollar, people can easily travel to Iran and
receive high quality of medical services with the lowest price possible in comparison with
Europe countries and the USA.
All the mentioned features make Iran known as an ideal medical destination in the world
especially in terms of cosmetic surgery.



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