Different types of spa

Depending on what your goal is to use the spa and what services you are looking for, you need to know the different types of spas to be able to choose the best one that meets your needs. In the following, you will get acquainted with the types of spas and services that are offered in them.

Spa Club

This model of spa focuses more on fitness services and provides professional services on a daily basis.

Cruise ship spa

The spa offers fitness and health services on cruise ships and offers a healthy diet and treatment menu.

Daily spa

These daily spas offer professional spa services according to daily schedules in the fields of beauty, professional massage and more.

Accommodation spa

These spa centers work to guide people to develop healthy living habits. The usually seven-day stay offers a complete lifestyle change program that includes spa services, fitness activities, health-related training and healthy cooking.

Spa treatment

These centers provide professional services in the field of treatment and health with the necessary licenses and under the constant supervision of health professionals. Alternative treatments, beauty treatments and other professional spa services are offered in these complexes.

Spa of mineral springs

These spas are usually located next to mineral springs and hot springs or by the sea and use the properties of mineral waters and the sea for hydrotherapy.

Hotel or spa resort

These spas are usually run by or located in hotels and resorts and offer special and standard spa services along with special diets. In addition to leisure travelers, even business travelers can use these services. Many of these spas are not just for travelers, and residents around the hotel can also use them.

Airport Spa

These spas are located at airports and offer short services such as oxygen therapy and massage.

Advantages of using spa centers

Life in today’s world is full of stress and nervous tension. Trying to reach goals and cope with life’s small and big problems makes the need for spas even more obvious. Reducing stress, improving lifestyles, treating the problems of modern living, fitness and… are some of the benefits of using spas. The reason for the expansion of these centers in cities and tourist countries is that many people take advantage of the opportunities in their travels and vacations for this purpose.

Contrary to popular belief that spas are a luxury and expensive service, today spas are offered around the world with different levels of service and facilities for different budgets.

Using these centers can play an effective role in improving lifestyle. This lifestyle change leads to a healthier life with fewer illnesses. In addition to these individual benefits, the expansion of well-equipped and specialized spas in the country can have a significant impact on improving the situation of medical tourism in the country, especially since Iran is in a good position in terms of mineral springs and the sea and can take this opportunity. Use good syntax.

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