Traditional medicine Every year, more than one hundred million tourists visit the historical, cultural and natural monuments of China. In addition, the Chinese use this medium in a variety of other ways to promote their tourism culture and increase their income, in addition to their cultural heritage, including their spiritual heritage and ancient backgrounds in their tourist programs. اند. In this way, they not only acquaint the tourist with their ancient beliefs, customs, but also acquaint them with the modern lifestyle, culture and way of interacting, and finally open the tourist to his country with an empty pocket. They turn. For example, one of the most prominent examples of this is the knowledge of medicinal plants, the culture of using natural medicines, and “traditional” Chinese medicine. “Traditional medicine” is today considered as one of the many spiritual heritage of the Chinese, in which there are more than five thousand types of treatment (such as acupuncture, massage therapy, etc.), and more interestingly, the Chinese in traditional medicine. They use more than six thousand types of drug combinations! Chinese; Unlike some other nations with ancient civilizations, the sciences of traditional medicine have not wrapped their spiritual heritage as a valuable object and left it on the shelf of oblivion, but tourists who travel to their country. To get acquainted with this ancient heritage, they are invited to traditional medicine centers and using natural medical facilities and methods) and other than common medicine (such as the use of herbs and herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, mud and Sludge therapy and… also generate income for themselves.) A debate that is now referred to in many countries as “health tourism.” According to Chinese evidence, “health tourism” is divided into two separate categories. Traditional and modern and attract their tourists according to different desires and tastes, on the one hand, the fans of traditional medicine, relying on the rich culture and civilization of traditional Chinese medicine, and on the other hand, tourists of interest They provide modern medicine with the latest medical knowledge, modern methods in the world and the most modern medical equipment. According to research, most of the countries that have entered the field of traditional medical tourism, either have its background and scientific and indigenous capacities, or have been able to import it and institutionalize it in their country and culture. Due to its relatively “privileged geographical position and having climatic conditions and diverse flora and fauna, and most importantly having a rich background and civilization of traditional medicine, as well as the great support of thousands of years of knowledge and experience of its physicians and sages, Iran In particular, the mentioned cases have many benefits, and can be one of the leading countries in the field of health tourism based on traditional medicine and modern medicine. But a very important point to be noted is that in order to create and maintain the monopoly of this important thing, it is necessary that the foundations of the great school of traditional Iranian medicine (Iranian medicine) be properly known and treated exactly accordingly. According to the relevant experts, traditional Iranian medicine has very deep, logical and practical principles and philosophy that are rooted in the rich intelligence and great civilization of Iranians. He believes that traditional Iranian medicine with a deep, holistic and unified view of traditional medicine is one of the tourist attractions of the human body and soul and sees human health and disease as part of nature and in addition to caring for the body and body, much attention It also has an immaterial aspect and human spirit. “Iranian medicine” as an ancient and institutional science in the culture of this region is not limited to a few limited methods of treatment and based on the principle of maintaining health over the treatment of disease, in the first step to improve the lifestyle and in the next steps by presenting Treatment strategies and measures, using natural remedies and manual measures to strive for effective and fundamental treatment of diseases. Therefore, traditional Iranian medicine, as a school of principles and classics of spiritual dimensions, considers the human psyche along with the physical dimensions of human beings and provides all aspects of a human being with special insight. Therefore, in view of the absolute and relative benefits mentioned, special attention to traditional medicine tourism in Iran and medical tourism is one of the most important duties of all relevant stakeholders. A religious and national duty, which hopes that every Iranian with an increasing attention to the precious culture and civilization of traditional medicine and modern medicine of our beloved country, Iran, will have an effective step in the growth and development of tourism in this region.

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